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Thank you for your interest in Christ is the Answer with Fr. John Riccardo. I am currently repackaging the entire Christ is the Answer library. With over ten years of programs, there are errors in the voiceover copy,  and  there are duplicated talk titles. Please note that the new program numbers may not relate at all to the old ones. The newly repackaged program numbers start at 500.

 In His Service,

Henry Root, Producer

Christ is the Answer

Christ is the Answer 853

  • Fr. John Riccardo: All May Be One Panel


Christ is the Answer 847

  • Fr. John Riccardo: Post Election Reflection


Christ is the Answer 848-851

CD 1: Fr. John Riccardo: Marriage

CD 2: Fr. John Riccardo: Ephesians 5

CD 3: Fr. John Riccardo: Fatherhood

CD 4: Mary DelPup: Dignity of Woman

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What's the Point?

Christ is the Answer 852

Fr. John Riccardo: I'm Inspired by You


Christ is the Answer 842

  • Fr. John Riccardo: Fatherhood

Christ is the Answer 802

  • Fr. John Riccardo: Christmas Day Homilies

Christ is the Answer 801

  •  Advent 2010: What Does Jesus Want for Christmas?
  • 2010 Homily: Giving and Receiving of Gifts
  • 2012 Midnight Homily

The Next Necessary Step

Fr. John Riccardo’s follow-up to the Alpha Course, the Next Necessary Step, is now available. The Alpha Course is used in parishes and Protestant churches around the world. Many attendees report it to be a life changing series as they draw into a closer relationship with Jesus.

After hundreds of his parishioners took the Alpha Course, many wanted more. Fr. Riccardo and his pastoral staff then developed The Next Necessary Step. This 7 CD series provides listeners with their next necessary step to living an apostolic life.

These recordings were made at weekly meeting of more than 300 parishioners who had completed the Alpha Course.

 Individual Titles

  • CD 1: Introduction and Forgiveness
  • CD 2: Fear and Anxiety
  • CD 3: Suffering
  • CD 4: Surrender
  • CD 5: Greed
  • CD 6: Worship
  • CD 7: Love
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The Next Necessary Step

Christ is the Answer 800

  • Fr. John Riccardo: Love Made Visible

Christ is the Answer 821-823

In 2007 Fr. Riccardo was the Pastor of St Anastasia Catholic Church in Troy, Michigan.  That Lent he gave a three evening parish Mission, and just as Lent is a time to grow closer to God, the theme of that mission was growing closer to the Father

  • Fr. John Riccardo: Forgiveness
  • Fr. John Riccardo: Our Father's House
  • Fr. John Riccardo: Mission Wrap Up Homily
2007 Lenten Mission

Christ is the Answer 725

  • Fr. John Riccardo: In the Image of God He Created Them

Christ is the Answer 796

Many books have been written analyzing John Paul II’s work. On this program Fr. Riccardo expounds on the Theology of the Body for several pre-marriage groups.

  • Theology of the Body

Christ is the Answer 792-794

  • CD 1: Whatever Happened to Spring?
  • CD 2: Relativism
  • CD 3: Freedom

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Living As A Christian

Christ is the Answer 787-790

  •  In the Image of God He Created Them
  •  Have You Read That In the Begining It Was Not So?
  •  You Have Been Purchased and At a Great Price
  •  In the Age to Come - Neither Married or Given in Marriage

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Theology of the Body

Christ is the Answer 781-784

  • Introduction
  • Physical Orientation
  • Sacred Time
  • Vestments, Gestures and Q & A

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Spirity of the Liturgy

Christ is the Answer 723

On this edition of Christ is the Answer, Fr. John Ricardo fielded questions from the young adults at a Tapping on Theology evening. This Question and Answer session was one of a regular series of Tapping on Theology dinner meetings held by his former parish for young adults of that and neighboring parishes.

  • Fr. John Riccardo: Q & A Session


Before his retirement, Pope Benedict XVI called the Church to a Year of Faith from October 11th 2012 until October 24th 2013 – the Feast of Christ the King and the end of the liturgical Year.

To observe the year Fr. Riccardo offered a series of talks that he and others in the parish gave throughout the year.

Christ is the Answer 769-774

  • CD 1: Year of Faith Introduction:
  • CD 2: Lord, Teach us to Pray part 1:
  • CD 3: Lord, Teach us to Pray part 2:
  • CD 4: Lord, Teach us to Pray part 3
  • CD 5: Why Are There So Many Religions?
  • CD 6: Profession of Faith

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Year of Faith

Christ is the Answer 833

  • Fr. John Riccardo: You Have Been Anointed By the Holy One
  • Fr. John Riccardo: A Fireside Chat With the Lord

 In 2011 Fr. John Riccardo spoke to a group of Catholic lay and ordained evangelists. That title was You Have Been anointed by the Holy One.

In 2007, he spoke to a men’s conference in Massachusetts. The title of that talk was A Fireside Chat with the Lord.

A regular activity at St. Anastasia Church was the Theology on Tap sessions. The parish young adult group gathered at a local restaurant for fellowship and a meal. Fr. Riccardo provided the desert by way of a talk. This series, focused on relationships.

Christ is the Answer 776-779

  •  Fr. John Riccardo: Chastity
  • Fr. John Riccardo: Friendship
  • Fr. John Riccardo: Theology of the Body
  • Fr. John Riccardo Forgiveness
  • Relationships

Christ is the Answer 117-120

  • Dr. Robert Fastiggi: Caholic and Protestant Perspectives of the Reformation
  • Steve Ray: Peter, the Rock, the Keys, and the Chair
  • Dr. Kenneth Howell: How Shall We Be Saved? Evangelical and Catholic Views of Salvation
  • Panel Discussion with Fr. John Riccardo as Master of Ceremonies


The Marian Peace Center of Detroit sponsored That All May Be one – Healing the Wounds of Division, a day long conference, at St. Anastasia Church. Fr. Riccardo served as Master of Ceremonies tying the thoughts of Dr. Robert Fastiggi, Steve Ray and Dr. Kenneth Howell together for the attendees.


    That All May Be One

Christ is the Answer 700

  • Fr. John Riccardo: Tirelessly Running the Race
  • Fr. John Riccardo: A Fireside Chat with the Lord

For some this program might  serve as a how-to lesson. For some it will be a challenge. Other listeners will revel at Fr. John’s story of teens who threw in their nets to have a closer relationship with Jesus.

Christ is the Answer 803-806

  • Fr. John Riccardo: Lord, I Believe, Help My Unbelief pt. 1-4


2013 OLGC Parish Mission

Christ is the Answer 837

  • Fr. John Riccardo: Why Be Catholic

Christ is the Answer 24

  • Fr. John Riccardo: Meeting Him Again and For the First Time
  • Christ is the Answer 722

  • Fr. John Riccardo: Male Friendship
  • On this Christ is the Answer program, Fr. Riccardo spoke about Male Friendship to the Master’s Men, a group of Men from across the Metro Detroit area who met regularly to pray and learn more about their God and savior.

    Christ is the Answer 797

  • Fr. John Riccardo: Advent Mystery
  • Christ is the Answer 743

  • Fr. John Riccardo: Joy
  • Fr. Riccardo’s title on this edition of Christ is the Answer was Living with Joy In a Fallen World. He provided practical tools to use to regain the joy our Lord wants us to have as we live in a culture that is anything but supportive.

    Christ is the Answer 835

  • Fr. John Riccardo: Reclaiming Sunday
  • Christ is the Answer 786

    • Fr. John Riccardo: The Man God Uses

    Christ is the Answer 815-820

    • CD 1: Fr. John Riccardo: Confession

    • CD 2: Fr. John Riccardo: Forgivness

    • CD 3: Fr. John Riccardo: The Great Deceiver

    • CD 4: Fr. John Riccardo: Redemptive Suffering

    • CD 5: Fr. John Riccardo: Entrusting Our Lives to the Lord

    • CD 6: Fr. John Riccardo: The Mass

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      Christ is the Answer 73-78
    • Fr. John Riccardo: I Thirst: Attributed to Mother Teresa of Calcutta

    Christ is the Answer 832

    • Fr. John Riccardo: Teaching us to Pray

    Christ is the Answer 834

    • Fr. John Riccardo: Marriage Cruise

    Christ is the Answer 704

    Fr. John Riccardo: Wasting Time With God - Prayer

    On this program Fr. Riccardo talks about prayer, but it’s not just repeating written prayers. No, it’s about spending real time with our Lord and pouring our hearts out to him in prayer

    Christ is the Answer 703

     Fr. John Riccardo: A Crisis of Ideas

     This talk was the third of the current Tapping on Theology series. The title was: A Crisis of Ideas: The inviolable Dignity on the Human Person.

    Christ is the Answer 838

    • Fr. John Riccardo: What Jesus Asks

    Christ is the Answer 780

    • Fr. John Riccardo: Mary, Monica and My Mother 

    Christ is the Answer 775

    •  Fr. John Riccardo: Keeping Your Faith

    Christ is the Answer 745

    • Fr. John Riccardo: The Four Goods of Marriage

    On this Christ is the Answer program Fr. Riccardo spoke with a joint meeting of the men’s and women’s groups at a neighboring parish. He celebrated Mass for the groups and then talked about The Four Goods of Marriage.


    Christ is the Answer 785

    • Fr. John Riccardo: The Male Priesthood

    Christ is the Answer 807-810

    • Fr. John Riccardo: Do This in Remembrance of me pt. 1-4
    Do This in Remembrance of Me

    RCIA for Catholics with Fr. John Riccardo

    Individual Titles

    • CD 1: Introduction 

    • CD 2: The Person of Jesus

    • CD 3: Father of Adversary

    • CD 4: Holy Spirit

    • CD 5: The Inviolable Dignity of the Human Person

    • CD 6: The Church

    • CD 7: Hope

    • CD 8: Why Be Good

    • CD 9: Lenten Introduction

    • CD 10: Prophetic Vocations of Women: The Urgent Need for Authentic Feminism

    • CD 11: The Mass

    • CD 12: Prayer 1

    • CD 13: Prayer 2

    • CD 14: Prayer 3

    • CD 15: Prayer 4

    • CD 16: Sacraements - Overview

    • CD 17: Sacraments - Baptism

    • CD 18: Sacraments - Confession

    • CD 19: Sacraments - Anointing

    • CD 20: Sacraments - Confirmation

    • CD 21: Sacraments - Eucharist
    • CD 22: Sacraments - Marriage

    • CD 23: Sacraments - Priesthood

    Some years ago Fr. Riccardo observed that converts seemed to have a much better grasp of their faith than many so called cradle Catholics. That thought germinated and eventually became what we now call the RCIA for Catholics series. These 23 programs are intended to enkindle the interest of the listener to delve further into the richness of the Catholic faith and Tradition. Evangelism and catechesis are components of a lifelong process of discovering evermore about living the Catholic Christian life.

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    RCIA for Catholics
    RCIA for Catholics vol. 2
    RCIA for Catholics vol. 3

    Christ is the Answer 836

    •  Fr. John Riccardo: Do You Know The Good Shepherd?

    Authentic Manhood

    Individual Titles and Speakers

    • CD1: Paco Gavrilides: Jesus Christ: The Man For All Times 
    • CD2: Paco Gavrilides: Character
    • CD3: Paco Gavrilides: Relationships
    • CD4: Paco Gavrilides: Authentic Manhood, The Perfect Compliment to Aunthentic Womanhood
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    Authentic Manhood

    Authentic Womanhood

    Individual Title and Speakers

    • CD1: Jeanne Monahan: Messages 
    • CD2: Mary DelPup: Mary, the Model of Womanhood
    • CD3: Jeanne Monahan & Mary DelPup:Intrinsic Differences Between Men and Woman
    • CD4: Jeanne Monahan: Meditation on Womanhood
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    Authentic Manhood

    How To Read The Bible

    • CD 1: Fr. John Riccardo: Overview

    • CD 2: Fr. Steven Barr: What and When of the Canon of Scripture

    • CD 3: Mary DelPup: Praying and Proclaiming the Scripture

    On this Christ is the Answer program Fr. John Riccardo provided a broad overview of Scripture, and how, as Catholic Christians, to read and study it.

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    How to Read the Bible

    Catholicism 101 with Fr. John Riccardo

    Individual Titles

    • CD 1: The Church

    • CD 2: The Eucharist

    • CD 3: The Bible

    • CD 4: Questions and Answers

    A number of summers ago Fr. Riccardo met for three successive Saturday mornings with the catechists of his parish and surrounding parishes for a short training session he called Catholicism 101. It was a training session to brush up on the basics of the faith

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    Catholicism 101

    Christ is the Anwer 724

     Fr. John Riccardo: Spiritual Life of the Family

    On this Christ is the Answer program, Fr. Riccardo spoke to the ladies of Heart of Heart Catholic Women’s Apostolate. A part of a personal reflection, he honored his parents but especially his mother for the example of the normal Christian life they set for their family.

    Christ is the Answer 523

    •  Fr. John Riccardo: Men from Slaves

    Fr. John Riccardo took a cold Saturday morning and spoke to the men of Bravehearts men’s group. He also took a few minutes to promote attendance at men’s conferences. The Bravehearts motto is: as iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.

    Christ is the Answer 742

      •  Fr. John Riccardo: Vices and Virtues

     The title seems simple enough: Vices and Virtues, but considering the sin encouraging culture of our time, There is a LOT for him to talk about.

    Christ is the Answer 735

    •  Fr. John Riccardo: Can We Trust the Biblical Vision of Marriage? 

    On this Christ is the Answer program, Fr. Riccardo attempted to answer the question Can We Trust the Biblical Vision of Marriage? Besides marriage, topics included: our personal relationships, love, prayer, scripture, our personal wills, and what our Lord wants for each or us and our families.


    Christ is the Answer 734

    • Fr. John Riccardo: We Have Reasons To Believe

    On this Christ is the Answer program, Fr. Riccardo lead us through an exercise in critical
    thinking regarding our faith and the reasons we have to believe in Jesus and the power and truth of his resurrection

    It is both a privilege and a Challenge Living as a Catholic in Today's Society

    Christ is the Answer 795

    •  Fr. John Riccardo: Living as a Catholic

    Christ is the Answer 740

    •  Fr. John Riccardo: The Truth Will Set Us Free

    On this Christ is the Answer program Fr. John Riccardo talked about moral relativism, truth, abortion and being a Catholic Christian in the world today.

    Male and Female He Created Them

    A Bible Study For Couples

     Individual Titles and Speakers

    • CD1: Fr. John Riccardo: Overview, Genesis Chapter 1 Part 1
    • CD2: Fr. John Riccardo: Genesis Chapter 1 Concluded
    • CD3: Jeanne Monahan: Genesis Chapter 3
    • CD4: Paco Gavrilidies: Study of Covenant
    • CD5: Jeanne Monahan: Divorce, Annulment, and Hardness of Heart
    • CD6: Fr. John Riccardo: The Sacramentality of Marriage
    • CD7: Mary DelPup: Discipleship of Marriage


    Male and Female He Created Them

    Christ is the Answer 831

    • Fr. John Riccardo: Ephesians 5

    Christ is the Answer 791

    The Church sets aside All Saints Day and All Souls Day to commemorate those who have preceded us. The entire month of November is dedicated to celebrating these lives. This has evolved over time and actually preceded pagan practices and Halloween. Sts, Ephren and Chrysostom attest to the feast in their preaching in the 4th and 5th centuries.

    For a number of years Fr. Riccardo has held almost annual grieving services for those who have recently lost loved ones: husbands, wives, children, parents or friends.

    • Grief

     Individual Titles

    • CD 1: Introduction to the RCIA Process
    • CD 2: The Mass Explained
    • CD 3: Who is Jesus?
    • CD 4: Father or Adversary?
    • CD 5: Holy Spirit
    • CD 6: The Church: The Body of Christ is Not and Image
    • CD 7: The Inviolable Dignity of the Human Person
    • CD 8: Why Be Good? - Part 1
    • CD 9: Why Be Good? - Part 2
    • CD 10: Why Be Good? - Part 3
    • CD 11: Introduction to Lent & Overview of the Sacraments
    • CD 12: Baptism
    • CD 13: Reconciliation
    • CD 14: Prayer
    • CD 15: Easter Vigil Reflection
    • CD 16: The Four Last Things
    • CD 17: Marriage and the Four Goods of Marriage

    Each Year in churches across world, men and women who are interested in coming into the Church or just want to learn more about it begin the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults. These weekly meetings start in the fall and end with the candidates being received into the Church during the glorious Easter Vigil.

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    Welcome Home: RCIA With Fr. John Riccardo
    Welcome Home: RCIA With Fr. John Riccardo vol. 2

    Christ is the Answer 702

    •  Fr. John Riccardo: What Is God's Will For My Life?

    Christ is the Answer 799

    •  Fr. John Riccardo: The Spirituality of Marriage

    Christ is the Anwer 744

    • Fr. John Riccardo: Who is Jesus?

    Fr. Riccardo’s title on this edition of Christ is the Answer was Who Is Jesus? He further asks – Why does the world hate him so? Who IS this man with two natures who laid down his life and spilled his blood for each of us?

    Christ is the Answer 701

    •  Fr John Riccardo: Whe Do You Say I Am?

    On this program Father takes a question from C. S. Lewis and delves into possible answers for the question. The Question? Who do you say I am? Is Jesus Lord, Liar or Lunatic?

    Christ is the Answer 811-814

    • CD1: The Lights That Led Me to the Light
    • CD2: What Does God Expect of Us?
    • CD3: Some Obstacles to Letting Him Shine Through US
    • CD4: Homily: Lights Burning Brightly, Conversion Stories
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    Turning Up the Flame To Set The World On Fire

     Fr. John Riccardo

    Christ is the Answer 726-733

    • CIA 726: 1st Commandment: The Most Frequently Broken Commandment of All, and the Least Confessed. It's Not What You Think!
    • CIA 727: 2nd Commandment: Should We Really Pray the 'Our Father'?
    • CIA 728: 3rd Commandment: What Day Is It Anyway?
    • CIA 729: 4th Commandment: Whatever Happend to Honor and Respect?
    • CIA 730: 5th Commandment: Both In Life and Death, We Belong to God
    • CIA 731: 6th and 9th Commandment: Who Has a Better Vision of Sex - Cosmo, Maxim or the Catholic Church?
    • CIA 732: 7th & 10th Commandment: Striving For Contentment With What We Have
    • CIA 733: 8th Commandment: From the Same Mouth Come Blessing and Cursing: My Brethren, This Should Not Be So

    The Decalogue, or the Ten Commandments. The ten Words of God which synthesize God's Covenenant with his chosen people. They were divinely revealed to Moses on Mount Sinai. They are God's basic instructions to us. They outline the freedoms, not restrictions, he's given us.

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    10 Commandments